Mrs. Loida Pott's Class
Mr. Silvio Gongora's Class
Mrs. Yesenia Chan's Class
My students presenting their future job. It was a very blessed and exciting time with my students. Even though, we were far but it was amazing being able to communicate through zoom or video calls. They had to write a report/paragraph expressing what they want to be in the future.  For their presentation, they had to dress up demonstrating their dream job! Everyone was ready, prepared and anxious to present. The biblical through line encouraged was that of being Image-reflectors as they demonstrated their response to Christ’s call to be co-workers. They also showed their interest and enthusiasm to become a successful person in life. They also shared how grateful they are to God for guiding them with knowledge that help them learn something new each day. The restoration act taught was that we are all image-reflectors, we all reflect God’s image and that all the characteristics we admire in God we can also find them within us. As humans, we make mistakes, learn from them and look for God at all times.
My children had to write a thank-you letter to someone who helped them or was kind to them. They had to think of an adult or a child. They had fun reading and listen the different letters and getting to know for what they were thankful. I truly enjoyed the time together with my students and the beautiful things shared that day inspired us all. One of the through lines encouraged was Beauty-creators praising God by creating beautiful things. Glorify and praise God by creating things that are beautiful and pleasing to Him. Another through line encouraged was Servant-worker serving others as Christ served us. The restoration act taught was that we could make a difference in this world. We can show Jesus’ light in serving others and be responsible in acknowledging the kindness of others by being kind to others as well. Always keeping the Golden Rule in mind: treat others the same way you would like to be treated!

Be exalted oh Lord, our God in everything we do!

Teachers have been busy as a bee, Kudos to all of them

Concepcion Presbyterian School are always providing school work, activities and online material to all students. Here is a short clip video on the Zoom classes, teachers and students interactions!

                          STANDARD 2 STUDENTS AT WORK

Aiden Cawich and Mirleidy Aban are responding to God’s call to be Earth Keepers by taking care of the environment. They are presenting their posters ‘Make a Better World’ and ‘Save the Earth’ to show the importance of recycling and the impact of pollution and waste to the environment. They know that “God is before all things, and in Him all things hold together" (Colossians 1.16–17). So if they neglect, abuse and spoil the environment, they are damaging something that is precious to God. They’ve learnt that by caring for the earth properly, they enable it to be fruitful and to play its intended role in giving glory to God. That is part of their proper worship of God.
Gayleidy is a wonderful Creation Enjoyer, she is celebrating the wonderful life cycle of a fish which gives testimony of God’s wonderful creation. She is also an Order Discoverer learning the stages of growth that a fish goes through in its life cycle. She has learnt that this creature has been a reminder to us of the diversity and patterns in God’s creation. She has learnt that organisms have unique life cycles, but all life cycles include birth, growth, reproduction and death.  God is an intelligent creator and just as He has designed the fish to undergo a complete transformation in its life cycle, he also designed each of us to grow physically, intellectually and spiritually. Our ultimate hope is that each of our students will undergo a complete metamorphosis spiritually and will know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
Aiden and his dad are Image Reflectors by taking care of their bodies doing outdoor exercise and eating healthy.  They know that they are made in God's image, so since God is made up of three persons (Father, Son, and Spirit), it makes sense that they are also made up of three (mind, body, and spirit). In order to take care of themselves, they must be healthy spiritually, physically, and mentally. If one area struggles, all struggle as a whole.