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Emmanuel Presbyterian Preschool, early childhood education institution at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church located at San Pablo village in the Orange Walk district today August 6, 2021.
Emmanuel Presbyterian Preschool, parents and children thanksgiving celebration at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
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Image by Delila Ziebart

Learners have a deeper appreciation of God’s finger print in His creation as they learn, discover and explore the different Shapes and Colours found in His creation.

 Celebrating Joy-Filled Collaboration in the classroom

 Children joyfully work, sing, explore, manipulate, share and communicate God’s love with colours and shapes

*Picture 1:  Is a celebration we had in hosting and sharing with the EduDeo team our supports who came to learn and know about our school culture and ministry.  It’s a celebration since we keep on building community with EduDeo, parents and students while learning and knowing more about God’s story.

*Pictures 2: We celebrated about our different ethnic groups found in the classroom and we build community by sharing some traditional food of the different ethnic groups to our neighbours and elders.

Psalm 133:1-3 See, how good and how pleasing it is for brothers to live together as one!

Image by BBiDDac

Sub-Topic:  Weather-Windy Day


During this week we learnt about the types of weather God created as part of His creation.  One celebration was the creation of the wind and its purpose.  God created it for us to enjoy windy day activities while learning and having fun on a windy day!  The picture below is this week celebration as creation enjoyers while enjoying the wind and having fun with the pinwheel

Image by Sagar Patil
During this month we learnt about the types of weather God created as part of His creation. God created them for us to enjoy activities while learning and having fun on a sunny, windy or rainy days!  The pictures below are this week celebration as creation enjoyers while enjoying God’s blessing and culminating a school year full of fun and learning while discovering God’s story.  Children were given a warm good-bye being aware that God is with them wherever they Go! Joshua 1:9

Police Officer Santana from Douglas Village welcomed our invitation to participate in the raising of the Belizean Flag, Parents joining in prayer as we acknowledge our sovereign God that bless us with a peaceful country Belize, Welcoming our new queen for Emmanuel Preschool 2023-2024. She is saluting the public while being applaud, Displaying our Preschool Banner carrying the national theme integrated with through lines that reflect the theme for this years’ national September Celebration, Parents, teachers and students parading the streets in the village where people in the community came out and were able to enjoy this short time of patriotism and celebration Belize @ 42, Parents and school funded for treats that brought that beautiful smile in the face of each child.​

Order Discovering   

Students celebrate learning as they practice using their gifted senses. Their FLT was visiting the community and sharing snacks with people in the community. They experienced watching birds, flowers blooming, tasting the corn tortillas from the tortilla factory and enjoyed some Choco bananas. They uncover God’s beautiful creation as they use their senses.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

This is our second Celebration for the month as we discussed and enjoyed our friendship day. Blessings to you all!

On the above picture students made the coloring a day ahead for it to get dry and be ready for the following day.

Also, note a video of them singing the song.

Joy-Filled Collaborating- As children share and care with their friends in class, they joyfully created a flower art for their loved ones as a means of respect, gratefulness, and appreciation to their mother. In this course of action, students express their gratitude for their friendship and God’s Love. It’s where students prepare to color their hands print with water paint and sing the song “I LOVE YOU” as they joyfully enjoy the weather and being part of God’s Story. Our God’s love fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace and makes the world we live in a better and happier place.
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