I can only say THANK YOU GOD!  He did, is doing and will continue to do great things in the life of many students. God gave them hope in the middle of sorrow and difficult situation, he provided for those who were in need, He mended broken hearts that were broken, He opened doors when they were closed, He assisted our parents, kids and their family members when they thought they would not get through the school year.  God drew hearts closer to Him.  It was truly a blessing to have served God throughout last school year having the privilege to share with parents and students that they were chosen, created in God’s image to follow Christ and serve Him and that NOTHING can be done if He is NOT with us, in us and for us.  I continue to pray for His guidance for this school year 2021 -2022.  HE HAS EVERYTHING IN CONTROL!
Monday September 6, 2021. New Life Presbyterian School. Classes are held via Zoom and other online platforms. Technology has been the transition for teachers and students. Here are some teachers actively and happily engaged with their students.
New Life students proudly share their patriotism in these videos and here is how they celebrate our independence.

Teaching these days has become a challenge for many but we know that to does who trust in God all things are possible.  Glory to God!

Throughout cycle 1, I was able to see God at work in the lives of His creation our children, a gift from God.  As Idolatry Discerners students read and study the bible verse found in 1st Corinthian 3:16-17 Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy, and you are that temple.

School:  New Life Pre and Primary Presbyterian School.

Class: Standard 1B

Teacher:  Mrs. M. Castillo

 Subject:  Math, HFLE and Science

 Date:  November 1st to November 5th 2021

As creation enjoyers students delighted themselves in what they did and used their God given talent to glorify God through what they created as showed in their picture shapes craft.  As image reflector students learn that shapes are all around in our home, environment. Etc. Students will celebrate God’s beautiful handiwork and give testimony to the presence of God creation.
Preschool Weekly Story for Nov 22-26, 2021.jpg
STORY 1.jpg

As order discovers I try teaching my students that everything we do is in order we are God’s perfect creation, and creation is ordered. How does the through line go along with this topic? Students are setting the coming of the different ethnic groups to Belize, in order by stating the timeline until their settlement here in our gold country Belize. Students will learn that the order each ethnic group took is a plan of God. There was a purpose as to why they took this trend until they settled here. God’s timing is perfect and creation is ordered not chaotic, this is being proved in many ways.

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Image by Jason Leung
New Life Presbyterian School
Std 6 Graduation
New Life Presbyterian Preschool
Moving On Ceremony
New Life School. Preparing for new school year 2022/2023

Mrs. Mendoza   Infant 1  LEARNING JOURNEY

Expressive Arts  Order discovers


This week children were involved in different activities. Children covered different types of lines using yarn in Expressive Arts class. They had to follow the line and try to paste the yarn on the lines (curved, straight, dotted and curvy). At first they were saying that it was hard and they cannot do it. I told them they yes they can do and that we can do anything because God is with us. I explained and showed them individually on how to hold the yarn and paste it. The children were so excited and their final work was great. They were great Order Discoverers and Beauty Creators.

Mrs. Dalila Cabrera  STD 6
It’s time to serve, empower and inspire HIS nation
Everyday is a challenge for us because we live in a fallen world. However, this gives us an opportunity for restoration. As we learn about slavery, students are encouraged to appreciate the people around them regardless of race, color, gender, religion or economic status
Learning Journey October 3-7, 2022.png
During English lesson students were able to discover that everything has an order that even to form letters they most follow an order. Math – students understood that numbers have a sequence and an order too. God put everything in order during creation. He separated the water from the waters and also the land. Children discovered where on earth they live. They praised God for his wonderful creation for using natural things such as leaves, stones, flowers and seeds to count.

Summary of the weekly Learning Journey

Standard 5 – English

Date: October 03 to 05 , 2022

Topic: Punctuation Mark

Through lines: God worshipers and Image Reflectors
In this activity, children had to present a game based on a few punctuation marks. The children were so excited to prepare a fun and interested game to share with the class. As God worshipers, we do all things in the name of God, He who lives in us. Children did their best to show their best because they are children of God with great abilities.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Beauty Creators glorify God with the Talents He has bestowed upon each one of them.
I glorify God for what He is doing in my students.  Through this activity many of the students uncover that you can create other beautiful colors when you combine/mix two primary colors.  Through this, they also learn that when we are combine in a relationship with God this happens too, many different colors sprout out of us allowing us to bloom and shine so that other around us can be splashed with that paint which is God’s presence in us.