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Hope Presbyterian Preschool activity video, kids at work showing what they learned and made. These and more fun activities your kids are engaged while learning. At an early age, all children are great learners and at our preschool we guide and nurture their talents!
September 3, 2021. Teachers welcoming students to Hope Presbyterian Preschool. It is the first days of classes!
Pictures from Hope Preschool for this week October 4 to October 7, 2021

 Image Reflectors

Children reflect the goodness of God in them by appreciating and loving their bodies as boys and girls.


Servant Workers:

This little girl shows Christ love through exercising kindness and caring for her mom by bringing items that begin with letter ‘M’ that will be used to clean the house and put things in order.

Monday November 8, 2021. Hope Preschool students happy to show what they have been learning!