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Name of School: Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool

Founded: January 9, 2006.

School Address: San Narciso, Corozal District, Belize C A

School Contact Information: 615-8561

Number of teaching staff: 1 teacher

Last school year enrolment (2020-2021): 22 students

Grade levels offered: Preschool – Level 1 – 3yr olds (afternoon session)

                                                    -Level 2 – 4yr olds (morning session)


Office working hours: 8:30am – 3:30pm (Monday to Friday)


School leader name: Leydi Carias


Auxiliary Staff: Rosaura Serrano- Treasurer/Assistant

                          Elsa Pott- Assistant



To guide, prepare and motivate students through Christ-centred education to positively impact our communities and the world we serve.


To provide the students with the knowledge and talents nurtured inside of a celebrated and loving community that will enable them to function fruitfully in society.

To lead the child in the development of skills, attitudes, character and conduct that please God and serve his/her fellowman.


Why Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool is the best choice?

Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool is the best choice because; it builds Christian foundation, it helps the child learn lessons with biblical worldviews, it aids your child with spiritual development, and lastly it helps your child to grow and learn academically.

Message from School leader

It is a pleasure to welcome you and your child to Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool. I am sure that you will become aware that it is the best choice for your child to grow, learn, develop and enjoy the friendly Christian environment. During the pandemic, it offered online classes and face-to-face instruction. Thus, it is willing to continue with this instruction if the pandemic remains. On the other hand, if the pandemic does not persist, we will be more than glad to have your child in a normal face-to-face classroom. Please note that here at Redeemer we are committed not only to fully equip your child with the necessary skills, attitudes and values but also to love and care for them. Here at Redeemer, we follow the updated curriculum goals and disciplines of education. In addition, we prepare your child for primary school with different developments such as personal, social and emotional development, communication, language and literacy development, mathematic development, physical development and knowledge and understanding of the world development.

We recognize that you are making a valuable investment in the education of your child; thus, let us help you sow those educational and spiritual skills in order to cultivate them.

Thank you for making us part of your child’s early education, you will not regret making Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool your number one choice.


Registration Process

Fill in the registration form (You can download and print)

Need copy of child’s:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Social security card

  • Immunization Card

Welcome to Redeemer
Presbyterian Church Schools In Belize
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