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Our History

 New life Presbyterian Pre & Primary School was established as a private school in 1997 under the Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize. In 2004 the school separated from the Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize and became New Life Pre & Primary School.

In September 2007, the school joined again the Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize, still as a private school until 2009 when it  became a Grant-Aided school with Ministry of education paying for six (6) Primary School Teachers and one (1) preschool teacher.

The Lord has been gracious and merciful to New Life, he has greatly blessed our school with an incredible growth. We presently have eleven teachers,(10) trained and licensed teachers. Ten (10) of the eleven teachers are being paid by the Government of Belize.

The school’s growth can only be accredited to God’s great sovereignty! Our school going through hardships and almost unbearable situations, we can testify God’s purpose of  raising our school for HIS own glory. 


Present Condition


God’s grace and faithfulness had been outstanding to our school.

As a Christian school community we continue serving our community and bringing glory to God through Christ-centered education. Presently we have an enrollment of 257 students.

Presbyterian Church Schools In Belize
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