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Presbyterian Schools Training Center-  a conducive environment for learning is essential. If this is true for students, we believe it Is also important for teachers and school leaders. We are in the process of building a training center which will serve as a conference room for school leadership training (and church leadership as well!). this training center will also host the office of the Presbyterian Church Schools to provide a greater administrative service to our school learning community.  Building site is at Miles 74 ½ Philip Goldson Highway.

PCSB Training Center under construction July 21, 2021
PCSB Training Center under construction August 12, 2021

Our PCSB Training center is a blessing to our school community and our church community as well.

 As school leaders of PCSB schools , early September met to speak about financial records and reporting as good stewards of God's resources.  Also our conference room was packed with church leaders and some members of Presbyterian Church in Belize for a morning seminar on "guidelines to host missionary short term teams".  We can rejoice that our building serves well it's purpose. 


"July 2023 our new training center building was completed. This building also host the main office of the Presbyterian Schools administration. We thank God for this accomplishment.

And also we are very grateful to Edudeo Ministries for financially supporting the construction of this building."


 "Gresy Campos has been serving as PCSB secretary since November 2020.

  Gresy is of a huge blessings as she assists with teacher's services, coordinating with hosting of co-impact teams, logistics of Walking Together training session and  communication with other partners.

  Gresy, is very grateful to the opportunity to serve for Christ centered education to continue growing in our schools. She highly appreciate the financial support by Edudeo Ministries because she can work from a more comfortable office."

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Presbyterian Church Schools In Belize
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