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Planning Support Team

"As a PCSB learning community, one of our major strategic plan goal is to nurture our teachers by providing training but also by providing specific support in the area of planning Christianly.

 With this in mind, some teachers have taken the step to offer their experience, knowledge, skills and time to support teachers in better understanding the "Teaching for Transformation framework" and its connection to our national curriculum.

Here are two testimonies of two members- Ms Mellissa Pech and Ms Keila Pott."

As part of the PSC, I celebrate the overall input and development of the team to support and guide other teachers in our management.  The willingness of teachers to move forward with a growth mindset in Christ-Centered Educations is a celebration for me.

Some advancements noticed in teachers are:

  • Adjustments were made on the unit cover page.

  • The God’s story was understood and its importance in the unit cover page and development.

The connections of the unit components (TFT principles) were understood.

*A challenge faced is the burden that some teachers feel in doing the unit adjustments for the main core areas/subjects.

*I pray that they get to see/understand the benefit of the adjustments with a growth mindset since its part of our Christ-Centered Education.

Thank you so much for all your support EduDeo!!! I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the past trainings given which made me understood the art of Christian Teaching.

Mrs. Melissa Pech
Dear all, I thank God for giving me the opportunity of being part of the Planning Support Team and EduDeo for giving us your support with training, personal visits, and financial support to our schools. For the past months, we have been engaging in ideas and visits in order to support one another in understanding and living teaching for transformation. My heart rejoices with the celebration of seeing the unity being built within our PCSB teachers, I believe it is something powerful that God is doing in specific teachers in which there is more willingness from teachers to engage in sharing strengths and weaknesses about their planning. One advancement that I have seen in teachers is the understanding of God's story and its components; whereby, on certain visits, they asked to reaffirm their understanding or to seek understanding. I believe that one major challenge, which is a prayer petition, is for teachers to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit to have that intimate relationship with God, that Jesus can be our lead and motivation when we plan for our students, thus, our planning will be something we delight, do it with all our heart, instead of seeing it as a load. I am eager to see the many life-changing experiences that teachers will have for the remaining weeks at school and in the coming 2023-2024 school year. Once more thank you EduDeo for being our spiritual support in our mission as teachers at Belize.
Mrs. Keila Pott
Yellow and Pink Flowers

Weekly Celebration- Servant Working (training held Friday November 3 2023 at PCSB conference room)


Emmanuel Preschool Teacher- Mrs. Mellissa Pech


“As individuals, we are called to make a difference in the world, not just in private personal behaviour. We are also called to the restoration task as communities of believers. As redeemed image-bearers, we should be making a difference in the culture.” (Donovan Graham)


Mrs. Pech responded to the service as a member of the TFT Planning Committee at our Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize.  She graciously communicated an overview of the revised curriculum and meticulously guided preschool teachers from five preschools to welcome the curriculum with a growth mind set. What a celebration we had, it brings joy to our community to see teachers as image bearers, God is definitely working in her life.  Praise God for her desire and ability to offer that hope that Christian teachers should desire every day.

James 3:13
Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.
Friday March 15,2024 Presbyterian primary school principals with a teacher gathered at PCSB conference room led by PCSB support team through assessment tools of the teaching for transformation framework. The time of discussion was inspiring yet challenging,but very fruitful.
Presbyterian Church Schools In Belize
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