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1. New Life School - Bathroom renovation -US$8,000.00. New Life has 245 students. Providing a safe and hygienic space for all students has been a challenge. Catering for the health and wellbeing of the students is of high importance.  If you support renovating the bathrooms, children will have clean, hygienic facilities which will help prevent diseases.

2. PDS- Raspberry Pi Project- US3000.00  Preparing students with technological skills to facilitate their learning experience is a major goal as a PCSB school.  We are moving the Raspberry Pi project at PDS into its second phase. If you support this project, you will be helping students develop their God-given talents to their maximum potential.

Concepcion School- playground - US$ 6,800.00 The school has 165 students. Yet there is no fun facilities for students to develop their physical skills and social relations. by supporting to build a playground, students will be having a place to play, have fun, and build relationships.

PDS- third phase classroom - US$25,000.00 The long term vision of PDS is to provide a safe and an atmosphere conducive to learning by building new classrooms.
Presbyterian Church Schools In Belize
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