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The classroom project is on the way! There are still opportunities to contribute to the classroom building ministry. If you desire to contribute to the classroom project, here is the breakdown of what you can help with. 

1. roof pouring: 10,000 USD (20,000) BZD

2. finishing details as windows, tiles, doors, ceiling fans, electrical work, wall plastering, painting. 7,000 USD (14,000) BZD


With your contribution, you will be providing a safe and proper environment where students can learn, see, and be part of God's Story. 

The eating area renovation update: We have been blessed by receiving 1/4 of the funds to complete the floor elevation. If you feel compelled to support this school ministry project, the kids of the Presbyterian Day School will be forever thankful and blessed. 

EATING AREA Project - US$3000 (BZ$6000) FLOOR ONLY

At PDS we are always finding new ways to make our students feel welcomed, safe and at home. As a school we have designated an eating area for students who don't go home during lunch time and buy food at school (patchakan and San Pedro kids).  Lately we have experienced more rain than usual and the eating area gets flooded making it difficult for students to eat. As a school our project is to elevate the eating area floor to solve this issue.   

By supporting this project you'll allow students and parents to have a dry, comfortable and clean area to eat. In addition to a dry and comfortable area it will facilitate school gatherings as assembly, short parent conferences and school activities planned throughout the school year. 

Sketch of project
SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CENTRE (project estimates will be posted soon)

The traditional classroom is merging with the online world, and students need to know how to function in this blended learning environment. As a school we want to better equip our students as they advance in their educational studies. To start, we will be opening our upper division Moodle platform this January 2024. This will allow students to work from school and work online. If any student is absent or ill, they won't lose that days’ work. We currently have 2 projectors, which are shared amongst teachers. Our goal is to equip each classroom with a computer, projector, speaker, and webcam to live stream our session (students who can’t attend in-person classes will be able to watch the session live).

Our major project is a science and technology centre. This is to provide students with a department where they can learn, programing robotics, prepare and conduct research, and also to provide all students with the opportunity to complete work/assignments given. We have 5 raspberry pi computers that are ready to be used but we need the appropriate space to keep the devices. We have the facility but it needs remodelling, which include, replacing of tiles, rewiring the electrical system, new furniture and installing an 18k BTU ac unit. 

At PDS we want to create a more engaged environment, incorporate different learning styles and connect with students and parents.

By supporting this project, you will be providing 100 students a better quality of education and you’ll allow students to discover the role of technology in God's story. 

computeroom1 (1).jpg
Computer generated concept of project after renovation of existing room.
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