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Presbyterian Schools Training Center-  a conducive environment for learning is essential. If this is true for students, we believe it Is also important for teachers and school leaders. We are in the process of building a training center which will serve as a conference room for school leadership training (and church leadership as well!). this training center will also host the office of the Presbyterian Church Schools to provide a greater administrative service to our school learning community.  Building site is at Miles 74 ½ Philip Goldson Highway.

You are invited to make your generous donation towards this Training center of an estimated US$35,000.

Unity Presbyterian School ground fence. Unity Presbyterian School is located in the “southside” in Belize city by the​ burial Grounds. This area in Belize City is affected by much vandalism and crime. The school is beacon in this neighborhood. Yet it has suffered a lot of vandalism, which can demoralize our teachers and drain the limited resources available through donations. Hence the school is seeking to start building a fence to add safety and security. This initial phase of the school fence is estimated at US$14,000.

Your generous contribution can add to the joy and dedication of our dedicated staff and the learning experience of our students.

Concepcion Presbyterian School Playground and fence. Concepcion Presbyterian School is a rural community in Corozal District in Northern Belize. The school is made up of mostly mestizo descents. Presently the school has enrolled 165 students from preschool up to Standard 6 (grade 8). Sadly, these students cannot enjoy sports facilities. They don’t have basic fun activities as basic as a swing, a see-saw; slide. The main reason is due to vandalism. Hence the school, through donors, has almost finished fencing its school compound. Once the school compound fence is completed, a playground is the next project. We believe that students need the physical experience outdoors.

These two projects is estimated at US$7000.00.

Your generous contribution can provide various sport and fun experiences and opportunities to more than 100 students.

New Life Presbyterian Schools bathroom project- New Life is a fast-growing school in Orange Walk Town. As the student population grows, so grows the demand for school facilities as are the bathrooms. The school has had difficulty adjusting its facilities to the fast-growing student population. And we well know that hygiene and health are also paramount for a safe learning environment. The school is seeking to increase the amount of bathroom available to the middle division students’ bathroom facilities.

This project is estimated at US$5000.00. your generous contribution can help provide our students with a healthy learning environment.

Emmanuel Presbyterian Preschool. Located in a rural community called San Pablo, in the Orange Walk District. Emmanuel Preschool has had many efforts and fundraisers to build an outdoors playground for their 4-year-old students. Through some donations from parents, much of the needed playground has been accomplished. Yet there is still some way to go. The completing of the playground is estimated at US$1500.00.

Your generous contribution can provide fun experiences to our 4-year-old students.

Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool. Its located in San Narciso Village, a rural community in Corozal District. Redeemer Preschool through various donations was able to build a small playground for its 4-year-old students. Over the years, with different students enjoying the playground, the playground needs some major maintenance and repair. Some fundraising has helped. The estimated repair and maintenance is US$1300.00.

Your generous contribution can provide greater fun opportunities to 4-year-old students.

Presbyterian Day School. Is located in Cristo Rey, a rural community in Corozal District. Presbyterian Day School founded as a private school in the mid 70’s has served generations of students. Most of its classrooms have served well their purpose since then, which are now in quite urgent need of replacing. Presbyterian Day School seeks to build a new classroom with an estimated cost of US$25,000.00.

Your generous contribution can provide students and teachers a safer environment for learning!


A great challenge at Hope Preschool at the moment is we are located right in front of a busy highway.

We have plans to build an additional gate to cater for parents to drop and pick up their children without any hassle of the busy highway at the time their children need to go home. Any donations to this project would be greatly appreciated. The total cost on this project is approximately $5,000 BZE or $2,500 US. We need to prepare before the children come back face to face.

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