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Head Teacher of Hope Presbyterian Preschool

My name is Ruth Elena Sierra. I am 45 years old. I am married to Hector Juan Sierra. We are proud parents of three beautiful girls. Jiannie, Jennie and Rujannie Sierra. I live in Bradley’s Bank Area in Santa Elena Cayo District.

I have been teaching at the preschool since September 2005. I teach Level 2 (4 years) morning and afternoon.

A short goal for the preschool is the construction of a side gate to facilitate dropouts and pickups for parents and students since we are right in front of the main highway.

However a long term goal for the school, is the construction of a new preschool in the church land or expansion of classrooms due to large numbers of students registered. If we had bigger classroom we would have only level 2 {4 years} in the morning and level 1 {3 years} in the afternoon. Presently we have level 2 in the morning and level 2 in the afternoon which keeps the head teacher a bit to do her assessments and supervisions


My name is Dorla Onieda Hill. I am 47 years old. I am married to Matthias Hill. I am a proud mother of three children. Francis Trujillo, Oneisha Burns and Deandre Burns. I live in New Area Santa Elena Cayo, District.

I have been teaching at Hope Preschool for the past 2 years. I teach Level 2 in the morning and Level 1 in the afternoon.

My goal as a teacher is to be an inspiration to the children I teach. To be their role model and to help them become successful individuals in society. I not only want to help them to read and write but to make their dreams come true by hard work, dedication, confidence and be driven to do good for themselves and for others.

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