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My name is Teresita Cob. I am presently an Infant 2 teacher at Presbyterian Day School.

The nature of knowledge should be relevant and meaningful. All children are created unique and special. In my short learning process, I have come to appreciate that every student should be provided with equal opportunities to learn regardless of their socio economic.

As a teacher, my goal is to make a difference in their early years of development. I want to provide to my students learning experiences that will make them feel safe, welcomed, and appreciated. My goal as a Christian teacher is to be a role model to my students by sharing God’s love and Word.

I also wish to further be better trained and equipped so as to provide the best support to the children who will be the future men and women that will one day make a positive difference in our society.

My Name is Ms. Shanirie J chan , I was Born on 27th of September 1997 to Mr. Heladio and Mrs. Eliosa Chan from there my life journey started. I was raised as a christian , attended Presbyterian Day school and Cornerstone Presbyterian Highschool where my life was touched by my teachers and nurtured to serve; hence, to folow our Christian Mission which is to help others. This led me to decide to be a Teacher,thus to impact and nurture our students in Jesus Christ. Presently I am the Preschool Teacher at PDS. Like every person I have a beliefs. My beliefs are founded on two main ideas: character and attitude. The character to remain humble when I was no one and the patience in Christ that provides me the determination to achieve all my goals and the power to overcome all obstacles. Not forgetting the Christ-like attitude when I have achieved all my goals is  to remain the humblest servant.

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My name is Yasmin Briceno and from the beautiful village of San Pablo Village

            I completed my studies as a teacher at the university of Belize and presently a full time teacher at PDS. As a lower grade teacher, it is an experience which I enjoy every moment in my classroom!  Being a teacher has taught me patience that every day there is something new and good to learn and enjoy! My love and passion for teaching has encouraged me to serve and provide the best learning experiences for my students. I count with an amazing staff of colleagues and a school principal with whom together we work hand in hand in serving the best way we can for the school and students.

            I believe that a successful teacher is one who is passionate about her/his students’ learning experience because, more than a job, teaching is a calling. The love and compassion Jesus shared to his disciples is the example I want to follow and be role model for my students. To me, being a teacher is not only sharing knowledge but it’s also being a light in the lives of others. I want my students to look at me and say “I want to be as passionate, and dedicated as my teacher”. I want my students to develop emotionally and spiritually, reflecting Christ’s love in everything they do as disciples of His.

My name is Alicia Joanne Vallejos and I am 24 years old. I was born on January 20, 1997 and I live in Patchakan Village, Corozal District. I started teaching in this institution in September 3, 2018. I am a multi-grade teacher of Std. 1 and 2. I live in a Christian family whose religion affiliation is Presbyterian and whose foundation stems merrily on appreciating, practicing and living according to our family values and principles. Therefore, as a Christian teacher, this values and principles inculcated in me are definitely part of my life and are indeed my motivation, determination and drive to persevere in life to my fullest potential in order to make a difference in children and the world around me. The foundation of my education merrily roots on a Presbyterian perspective. When I was 6 years I attended this institution-Presbyterian Day school therefore, I am a passed student. I really enjoyed being in this school. I only had Christian teachers that were always helpful, caring, and supportive throughout my eight years being there. After graduating from Primary school, I decided to continue my studies still in a Christian institution and environment which was Cornerstone Presbyterian High School. I graduated from high school on June 6th, 2015 obtaining a diploma on the area of Academics and first and second premium in most of my subjects. Thanks God, today I find myself in the area of study that I really like, which is teaching. Making a difference in the lives of children is my utmost goal. I believe that Education is an integral part of every child’s life hence; every child should receive compulsory education. As a teacher, I believe that education is important in helping children grow in all aspect of their life since that will mold them into a sensible and responsible adult.
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My name is Mrs. Keila Adellene Pott. I am a multi grade teacher. Currently teaching standard three and four (grade five and six).

 I believe that education is important in the life of every student since it grants them the opportunity to be effective in the work field. However, Christ centered education is even more powerful and has a greater impact in the life of students. Since it not only prepares them to be in the work field, but it exposes them to real life experiences that develops their Christian character and values. As an educator I strongly believe in giving my students a Christ centered education so that they can be that light that shines with the gospel at home, community and anywhere they go.

PDS STAFF 2021-2022
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