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2023 - 2024
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Hi, I am Aniee Tzib. I am the infant 1 teacher at Presbyterian Day school. My decision to become an educator was brought about by the desire of wanting to bless students with quality education and to positively impact their life. As a teacher, I strongly believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to class. My infant 1 students have been a great inspiration for me. I learn new things from them each day that goes by. They emit love in all they do. I believe that integrity, respect and love for God and others are fundamental aspects that shape the heart of students and structure our classroom atmosphere. My deep hope for my students is for them to use their imagination and creativity to explore God’s wonderful creation.
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Hi. My name is Teresita cob. I am 43 years old. God has blessed me with a family of 4, my husband and two lovely daughters.

Presently I am the infant 2 teacher at Presbyterian Day School. I strongly believe that teaching Christianly is a response to God’s calling which brings glory to His name. It is of great blessing to be part of the PDS ministry. My deep hope for my students is they be encouraged to explore God’s design and be active caretakers of his creation.

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Hello! My name is Danisha Acosta. I am 22 years old and I reside in Cristo Rey Village. I live with my grandmother, who is a great blessing for me. She has supported me during each stage of my life. I am grateful for life and God’s purpose for it.

Teaching is my absolute passion. I teach the amazing classes of standard 5 and 6 at Presbyterian Day School.  My students are amazing and I’m excited as I make a continuous difference in their lives. Each student has their own way of learning and I’m eager to help them uncover the abilities God has given them. My deep hope is to create a classroom here God’s story weaves through every lesson, nurturing hearts, and empowering students to radiate their light.

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Hello! I am Aldair Pott. I am the Presbyterian Day School principal. God has blessed me with a wonderful family of 4; my darling wife and 2 amazing daughters.

As the leader, it is my great prayer that this school year PDS be able to work in unity as one family. Teachers, students and parents joining to build a culture where we will support and lift each other. Finally, to inspire each other to look at challenges as opportunities to grow and develop a growth mind set.

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Hello! I am Keila Adellene Pott. I am 27 years
old, and I live in the village of Patchakan Village in the
Corozal District. God has blessed me with a family;
I have two wonderful daughters. God has guided me into
the teaching ministry, where my passion is to teach
for transformation. I am delighted in being the teacher
of the Standard 3 and 4 at Presbyterian Day School. In
this 2023- 2024 school year, my deep hope is for my
students to wholeheartedly believe and embrace
God’s Story; thriving in love and service as we build
God’s kingdom.
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Hello! My Name is Ms. Shany. Presently I'm teaching at Presbyterian Day Preschool.
Here at an early age students start to engage and discover what is being of a
school environment. My deep hope as a teacher is that my students discover,
connect and delight in God’s amazing world. I have discovered that my students
have the ability to learn God’s word. Throughout my growth in teaching
for transformation and shaping little minds of children, I am learning how to help kids see what God has created around them and the community. I have been surprised at how each day children pray and thank God for all the blessings in their life and family, That is the most beautiful way they feel part of God’s amazing World.
I thank God for all his faithfulness for allowing me to be part of his ministry and
teaching with love and compassion.
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