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Yadira Quintanilla.png

Yadira Quintanilla

Giselli Lin.png

Giselli Lin
Math and Science Teachers for grade 9, 10, 11 and 12

Jessica Fernandez.png

Jessica Fernandez
Business Teacher for grade 11 and 12 students.
Office Adminstration, Priniciples of Accounting and Principles of

Juan Patt.png

Juan Patt
Bible Teacher

Julissa Worrel.png

Julissa Worrel
English teacher for grade 10 and 12

Kristi Mai.png

Kristi Mai
Math Teacher for grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 students

Lizbeth Matu.png

Lizbeth Matu
English Teachers for grade 9 and 11 students

Moises Medina.png

Moises Medina
Science teachers for Grade 11 and 12 students.
Biology, Chemistry and Integrated Science

Noemi Posadas.png

Noemi Posadas
Business teacher for Grade 11 and 12 students. Principles of Account, Principles of Business, and Economics.

Roger Briceño.png

Roger Briceño
science teacher for Grade 11 and 12 students.
Chemistry, Physics and Integrated Science

Shamir Ramos.png

Shamir Ramos
Information technology to grades 11 and 12

Yazeni Tun.png

Yazeni Tun
Belizean Studies teacher for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 students. Social Studies

Melissa Patt.PNG

Miss Melisa Patt.
 School Secretary.

Angelica Gonzalez.PNG

Mrs. Angelica Gonzalez
 School Bursar

Presbyterian Church Schools In Belize
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