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My name is Leydi Dayana Carias. I am 33yr old. I live in the beautiful village of San Narciso in the Corozal District. I am blessed with a wonderful family, my husband, my 10 year old boy and a 3yr old girl. I am a preschool teacher for the past 14 years at Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool. I have an Associate Degree in Business Administration and I have obtained the Certificate Program in Primary Education and Early Childhood Education. I love being in the Early Childhood level.

Being an educator at Early Childhood Education, I play a vital role to make a difference in the student’s life with God’s guidance. As we know early childhood is the foundation of education. I believe that early education is extremely important for the success of a child’s foundation in learning. I also believe that it is essential that the children are valued, nurtured and respected as individuals. It is my role as a Christian educator to assume responsibility for each child’s personal and spiritually educational development whilst they are in my care. I am dedicated to building a safe, home-like yet stimulating and educational environment.

For so many year, we have been waiting for the called teacher. It is a blessing to have Ms. Melissa as part of our Redeemer staff. Her contribution to our staff over the past three months has been extremely helpful. Her enthusiasm and energy for teaching contributes to a positive learning environment. I am grateful to God for sending us a talented person in our staff. Having her has been a game changer for Redeemer. I am gratified of the work she does in our preschool and with our students.
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