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Dear Parents and Visitors

A joyful welcome to the year 2021-2022

Let us wholeheartedly make a way to its commencement with great fervor as humble servants of the Lord to make this year a peculiar one!

“Education stimulates the power and beauty that God gifted us with”. Education not only means academic standards. It rather is a combination of hand (skills), head (intellectual Power) and heart (valued system). In our present era where technology and digitalized world embraces us is the biggest challenge for educators and parents, to nurture our young minds with a holistic Christ center education.

Therefore, we come with a vision to nurture a Christ center foundation in each child so as to be able to see him/her grow as image-bearers of God. Our deep hope is to guide them through the year inviting them to discover God’s story celebrate His universe and empower his Love.

I’m sure we will have a meaningful interaction with the staff through good communication and experience a friendly and loving environment this school year.

I encourage you parents to engage in your child’s education and do your outmost best to help him/her learn everyday so as to in the future see them transformed into a desirable individual and reflect God’s prototypes in our community!

Mrs. Cira Novelo.png

Ms. Adimari Guzman

Assistant Teacher

My name is Adimari Guzman, I reside in the beautiful village of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, Belize. I have been here at Emmanuel Presbyterian Preschool for the past three months in the school year 2022-2023.  Given the privilege to be here was an extraordinary experience as we grow in Christianity and as a Christ Center school, we influence our students to be humble servants of God’s Kingdom.  As a preschool teacher, my passion is to delight students with a variety of learning activities that will embrace their knowledge and skills. I strongly believe that Education is a fundamental key to success in life, and as a teacher, we make a lasting impact on the lives of students. With this state, “Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together they make this world a beautiful garden as they are part of God’s Story.”   

Presbyterian Church Schools In Belize
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