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Dear Parents and Visitors

A joyful welcome to the year 2021-2022

Let us wholeheartedly make a way to its commencement with great fervor as humble servants of the Lord to make this year a peculiar one!

“Education stimulates the power and beauty that God gifted us with”. Education not only means academic standards. It rather is a combination of hand (skills), head (intellectual Power) and heart (valued system). In our present era where technology and digitalized world embraces us is the biggest challenge for educators and parents, to nurture our young minds with a holistic Christ center education.

Therefore, we come with a vision to nurture a Christ center foundation in each child so as to be able to see him/her grow as image-bearers of God. Our deep hope is to guide them through the year inviting them to discover God’s story celebrate His universe and empower his Love.

I’m sure we will have a meaningful interaction with the staff through good communication and experience a friendly and loving environment this school year.

I encourage you parents to engage in your child’s education and do your outmost best to help him/her learn everyday so as to in the future see them transformed into a desirable individual and reflect God’s prototypes in our community!

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Mellissa Pech - Personal Philosophy of Education


I am currently a teacher at Emmanuel Presbyterian Preschool.  When I was enrolled in the early childhood education program, I found that teaching is a pot filled with strategies which can be implemented to reform society and have them aware how essential early child education is.  One of my main objectives as a preschool teacher is to keep learning more to share my knowledge with the children and implement the theorist methods so that they may perform well in their education at an early age. 


According to John Amos Comenius an ancient philosopher “Early learning helps determine school life and success”.  I believe that children have a desire to learn and as a result, being a teacher I need to guide children to be productive in their tasks as well as in society.  I believe as an educator I need to feel a passion for teaching so that the children feel and express that enthusiasm that they are being given in learning.  Every child’s needs should be fulfilled, but there must be discipline in order for them to be productive and responsible in their tasks.  Friedrich Frobel stated children should be ‘unfold’ which means I as a teacher should be a guide and encourage critical thinking so that they can reason and discover new things or solve problems on their own while playing or socializing since learning occurs mostly through play.

Based on Vygotsky research I will put in practice being a guide to students so as to freely and comfortably be decision makers, problem solvers and critical thinkers.  In addition, there must be respect and discipline in the classroom for peers and teacher while teaching so that they can grasp and understand the information provided.  Based on philosophers’ research children learn best through play and using their sensory experience therefore as a teacher I will make my lessons interesting and enjoyable for them to be involved and try to cater for all the different learners.  I believe the environment, parent support and educators are the main figures who need to work hand in hand in order for learning to start at an early age.  Based on this I strongly agree that for them to be willing to learn, I must motivate them, guide them, care for them and be an active teacher since it is said teachers make children.  Students should get involved in extracurricular activities so that they can learn to socialize with others not only in the classroom but in society and will help them be aware of the environment as well as to learn and develop sensory experiences.  I will be a role model for them especially when giving instructions or when giving examples because they will look up to me for guidance.  Especially during ‘free play’ where skills are developed students will get to learn more in groups, especially to share their ideas and learn new things among them.  The environment for teaching and learning plays an important role in education because I need my classroom clean, painted, and decorated and with learning supplies such as books, reading books, games, instructional aids, posters and charts as well as learning centres for children to play, socialize and build their fine motor skills as well as language development.

As Robert Owen stated “Society can shape children’s character” I agree since it is the environment in which the child is exposed that he/she will act according to his/her way of talking, behaviour and vocabulary.  It can be a positive and negative influence depending how beneficial it will be for the child.  I believe parents are the first teachers at home and their presence and cooperation for the early learning of their child will promote healthy learning and development of the child.  After all these theorists’ ideas, I will continue working, guiding and caring for my students’ education, and I will respect them at all times just as they are expected to do.  I will share my knowledge and teach them to the best of my ability.  I need to be an effective teacher for students to be productive.  Students are the doers and the teacher guides and facilitates learning in an active and constructive manner.

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