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Hello! My name is Monica Moh, 25 years old. I live in San Roman Corozal and I teach standard 6 at Unity Presbyterian Primary School. My friends would describe me as a quite person, responsible and hard working. Currently having an Associate degree in Primary education. I love being a teacher, to receive and give love.

Christian Education Philosophy

My Philosophy of Christian Education, Isaiah 54:13 “all your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

My desire is to enlighten students to want to know about Jesus, the master teacher. To guide them to believe, to have faith and to have fear in the Lord. As a Teacher I will strive to teach students about Jesus’ life through His mighty miracles and books in the Bible, instilling in them the gift God has given to each one of them and to use it to serve Him. As a Christian teacher I will support their education and teach them with the teachings of the Lord. At the end I would like to see each and every one of my students with the peace that only the Lord our God can provide us.

Education Goals

My next professional goal is to further my studies by applying for a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education. My greatest desire as an educator is to improve students' academic performance so it can be reflected in their grade and to instil students with intrinsic motivation to learn. To improve my teaching skills and productivity in the workplace, to be an effective teacher. My ultimate goal is to be that person that can work along and bring together parents to be more active in their child’s education and for them to also learn. Last but not least I am willing to work with colleagues to make our school a better school.

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Ms. Linda Felix
Standard 5 teacher at Unity Presbyterian Primary School


Hello! My name is Miss Linda Elizabeth Felix. I live in Belize City. I am presently teaching standard 5 at Unity Presbyterian Primary school. Ever since I was a child I always wanted to be a teacher so it’s a great feeling to be living out my dream. After completing my high school studies at Anglican Cathedral College I enrolled in the teaching program at SJCJC Sixth Form where I received my Associates degree in Primary Education. I was determined to further my education So I started Galen University In 2014 and graduated with my Bachelors Degree In primary Education in they year 2016.I truly have a love for children and passing knowledge and life skills to them.

My Philosophy as a Christian Teacher :

My philosophy as a Christian teacher is to ensure my students know that God is their creator. It is my responsibility to be a role model to my students modelling Christlike characteristics so they are motivated to be a better person and to glorify God in whatever they do. Many times children feel unloved it is my duty to love as Christ loves without bias.

My Goal as a teacher

I personally believe that each child is unique and special despite their learning ability and different learning styles. My Goal is to ensure that each child learns ,feel love and appreciated, and excells academically and spiritually.

As a teacher it is my goal to see all my students succeed.-

In this issue:



My Philosophy as a Christian teacher.


My Goals as a teacher.


Unity Presbyterian Primary School

Headliner: Stephanie Ann Lewis Wade

My Autobiography

       Introducing the daughter of a king Stephanie Ann Lewis Wade, born on the 21st October, 1970. Belizean by birth, lover of humanity and God creation. Mother of 3 beautiful daughters. Current Standard 2 teacher at Unity Presbyterian Primary School. Favourite past time activities includes singing, writing, reading and travelling.

My Philosophy  of Education

She opens her mouth with wisdom and teachings of kindness is on her tongue. Prov. 31:26. I believe education is the stairway to everyone’s future. It molds you into the person you become in the future. Placing Christ in the center of every impartation of knowledge helps to form students life in a major way. Bob Talbert said “teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best”. True statement because teaching and presenting yourself in a Christlike manner will guide student to draw closer to God.

My Goals & Aspirations

I would like to equip myself with more skills to better enhance my lesson delivery. I have a passion for teaching and it gives me great pride and joy to see students that past through my path and advance to a higher level take the skills that they learn to help them with problem solving and creativity in all aspect of education.  I want to bring students up to their proper level of education and enhance their literacy skills, preparing them for their future endeavors

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Brief Introduction - Ms. Jamelia Zelaya
Learn about how God called me to do my job!
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 Hey there,
My name is Jamelia Zelaya. I live in Belize City and I teach Infant 2 at Unity Presbyterian Primary school. I received my Associate’s Degree from the University of Belize in June of 2019. I am now completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Education.
 A Christian Teacher
My ultimate goal is for my students to absorb that they are one of a kind individuals who has been blessed by God and they have the capacity to experience a personal relationship with Jesus. As a teacher, I strive to guide students to first seek God's will in their lives. God has created each student with unique gifts and challenges, and as a Christian teacher, I should support their academic, cognitive, social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
 Educational and Professional Goals
I am expected to complete my Bachelor’s Degree come next year. I am eager to implement all that I have learned in the classroom. I also have plans to work alongside my school and the surrounding community to make our school a better place for our students, parents and teachers. My ultimate goal is to be the most effective teacher that I can be in order to have a positive effect on my students and my parents. I want parents to be more active within our school every year. I will try my best to work with my parents and show consistent care and support to them in order to build a healthy and strong relationship to make our school environment better.
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