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Mrs. Yadira Quintanilla Overt Personality Presentation
Mrs. Cobos - Dealing with difficult persons
Mr. Isaias Botes - I as a difficult person
Mrs. Tesla - Difficult people
Ms. Cira Dealing With Difficult People-Communication
Presented by Ms. Yadira Quintanilla. Friday December 3, 2021



I invite you to look at these rich teachers’ Christian understanding of his/her world! Why? Because Teaching is getting more and more demanding. The expectations from a school community (teachers, principals and parents) has been to a high degree, to have students acquire a ‘passing grade’ for promotion. That’s a good goal and a reasonable expectation. yet, modern profile of a teacher is needed to meet societies changing culture. Here is where Teaching for transformation ‘offers’ a unique profile of a modern teacher who deeply looks at his/her mindset (fixed mindset or growth mindset) by rephrasing their perspective of looking at the challenges faced. And the most amazing part of this, is that the students will be taken through this same learning journey as their ‘modern Christian teacher”.