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Belize Conference (August 2022)

Playing our Role in God’s Story: Journeying Together


Day 1:

 We were honored by having Edudeo staff Walking Together leaders- Keith and Sheila.

Darlene and Bernice opening with affirming: Mindset; habits of learning; and creating a safe place to listen, share and learn through a TfT journey. The conference was scheduled to start at 9am; yet most participants were logged in 20 minutes before. 53 participants from Preschools, primary schools, secondary school of PCSB walked enthusiastically on Day 1 journey. Other teachers from two evangelical high schools joined us Some sharing from participants: Silvio Gongora: lines of the boat mean we begin a journey, journey towards the light of Christ. Hector Sierra : What if I could explore my part in God's story?

Leydi Carias : what if my play also had a purpose to bring others to Christ

February 13,2023 was a very anticipated day by school leaders,teachers, students and especially by spelling bee contestants from each of the Presbyterian elementary schools. By 10am, cornerstone Presbyterian High School chapel room was packed with about 200 students with 8 contestants. The enthusiasm and nervousness for everyone in the room increased as contestants "battled" well into the reserved spelling list with great success. After 8 rounds of close competition three students outstood. Christian Education provides opportunities for students to develop their skills and to celebrate achievements as a learning community! Congratulations to everyone for this formational learning experience.

Tuesday March 14, 2023.
Presbyterian Day School (Cristo Rey) is the first school to start a one-of-a-kind Raspberry Pi Lab! This is a 'new' technology which will develop the young minds and open 'windows' of creativities and fun. 
Teaching for transformation training August 9-11,2023. This three days training was led by Canadian learning leaders and Belizean learning leaders. A testimony of joyfully collaboration and community building.