Deeper Learning Journey


  There comes a time when the feeling of "wanting to offer more to others for their betterment" knocks on the door. It’s a feeling teachers at some point experience. Investing in others, is the role of a teacher. Yet, other need to invest in teachers to prepare them and nurture them. These are the stories of the teachers listed below. Their passion to impart Christian education to their students to guide and prepare them to be responsive disciples in God's kingdom calls for investing in them. Read their stories and be part of their learning journey as you 'adopt one' to support.


As I am growing, I saw lots of persons helping others, especially the persons that were teachers. They were the ones that were eager to help and train students to develop their skills. I began to teach Sunday school at my church, which eventually caught my attention and desire to be a teacher. Saw that teaching was fun do to which eventually I tried to find ways how to help the Sunday school class to gain more knowledge. Soon I began to have that feeling of wanting to help other children academically but as well with their spiritual life. Make a difference in the lives of the students that come my way.

I went to a Christian school and high school which were of great help to me. Found out that everything makes sense and can be placed together with Christ being the foundation of our life. Now that I’m studying to complete my academic studies on Primary Education at University level, it has helped me these few months and few courses that I have taken. Really was challenging at the beginning but as the days went by, I began to understand that teaching has a lot of areas to cover. The few courses taken; I was observing how each lecturer gave his class then I began to implement their teaching which was really helpful. Saw a difference in the way of delivering the class with my students. I know that studying at a non-Christian school is very challenging but every person has a different way on how to deliver a specific topic. I’m learning from the lecturer and finding ways to deliver my topic using the different techniques learnt in a Christian perspective.

At the present day, I’m involved with the youth group of my church. Help to lead the youth group activities every Thursday. Also help in leading church services such as: Prayer Meetings every Tuesdays and Worship Services every Sunday. Few months ago, I was the Sunday school teacher.

I’m a teacher and student and father at the same time. To be honest role of father, teacher and student is a lot, I have been struggling physically and financially. Family has it expenses same as studying which is costly. Really want to complete my studies and be well prepared, equipped, and developed my teaching techniques help my students academically and spiritually. Make a huge impact their lives at school. I would really appreciate any help given to help me to continue and complete my studies. As how my father always says trust in God and He will provide for us. In the past months I can testify that My God can do anything and I can affirm what my father says is true. I have had few times where I was worried and sometimes angry because I didn’t know how and where we would get for our need but God always provided for us.

My name is Keila Pott, and I am a teacher at Presbyterian Day School (PDS.) I am also studying online at UNID (Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo) furthering my studies in Primary Education and plan to finish in three-year time. The value of education is something that I have understood since a very young age. It has now been five years that I am teaching at PDS and there was where I saw the need of studying education as my career. My primary motivation to continue studying is to equip/prepare myself so that I can better serve at the education ministry where God has placed me and to stay by the side of my students where I can continue ministering in their lives through education, role modeling and by sharing my life testimonies to them.

As mentioned before the value of education is something that I have understood since a very young age, but the value of Christ centered education is something that I came to understand when I accepted Jesus as my savior. It was in that moment in college that the Holy Spirit helped me relate and connect Biology to His creation, Math with honesty, resource management to building our community and being good stewards of creation. Working now at a Christian primary school I ought to give them a Christ centered education. Therefore, studying at a non- Christian university is no barrier to complete my mission. I believe that with the guide of the Holy Spirit and my commitment in nurturing my relationship with God, He will guide and show me how to apply what I am studying in a biblical aspect for my students.

As a Christian I have understood that I cannot stay stagnant in my Christian life. I say Christian life because having biblical knowledge is just the start but applying it and living it is what a Christian life is about. I am blessed to have a Presbyterian church where I can attend. At my church I serve by playing the piano for church serves, and teach Sunday school class to kids of five years old.  At our church we also have a women group which I have been part for three years now; the studies have been of guidance in my journey of being a wife and mom.

I believe that God has placed me at PDS and at my current church to guide me in being the Keila Pott that He wants me to be. I treasure those two places because they have been my Christian school where God teaches me about Himself and how he wants me to serve/live. My main reason in receiving a financial support is so that I can stay by the side of my students ministering their lives through education. This financial support will allow me to complete my bachelor degree in education which will enable me to get a full license to continue being a teacher. I just feel blessed to be able to write this essay and share with you what my learning journey looks like, and I am grateful to be considered for a professional development subsidy opportunity.

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  Tesla Mendez (New Life Presbyterian School- Principal)

A teacher is someone who shares knowledge to others.  Being a teacher at heart goes beyond the level of what the profession entails. It is a special calling to reach to the heart of every learner. It is my love to teach others which moved me to want to be a teacher. It is a huge blessing to be a Christian teacher. This is of great impact to share God’s word with the Through-lines as the academic content is integrated to the main mission and vision of our school. What a wonderful deed it is to know that as a principal teacher I am ensuring that our students are prepared for secular life and for life in Christ through the mutual effort of our teachers.  This is a unique ministry as it is attached to our local church in bringing across the gospel message to our student’s hearts and in turn children taking God’s word to their parents and other family members. There is always an open heart to welcome any opportunity to continue spreading the word of God through the Sunday school lessons.

I have always considered the importance of getting better equipped through higher education. I am currently pursuing my online master’s degree in Leadership and Emerging Technology at Marconi International University in Miami. Yet, the 10% cut in teacher’s salary has greatly and negatively impacted my budget. It has been challenging to meet my monthly fees to the university. Nevertheless, I am holding with confidence that God is in control of my current situation.

It is my desire to further my studies in order be better equipped and continue serving in the school ministry. I believe that Christian Education is the best education to further my studies, as it will broaden my knowledge in leadership through a Christian perspective. Obtaining a Christian Education here in Belize in the tertiary level, is not possible hence in order for me to obtain a Christian education I would have to seek that from abroad. Courses offered from universities from abroad tend to be more expensive. As a mother of three children who are attending primary school and one in high school, I find it financially challenging for me to pursue my studies, therefore I would really appreciate if possible for any financial assistance that would help me to cover the cost of my studies.
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Maria Angelica Patt

Teacher at New Life Presbyterian Primary School

Lord, let all I do is for your glory and honor!


Teaching has always been my passion especially knowing that I am in a Christian School like New Life Presbyterian Primary School. There I can fulfil my philosophy as a Christian educator which is to stimulate our student’s learning, creativity, and curiosity in a welcoming and Christ center atmosphere. Pursuing higher education has not always been my desire but it is now a necessity to my persona because children are our future leaders and I have the responsibility and duty to help them mature and grow academically, emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. My goal is for them to reach their fullest potential as intelligent children who believe and trust in God in order to become godly citizens and proud Belizeans.

The training I am receiving is teaching me that children need to be prepare for the unexpected obstacles and challenges in life. They need to develop pride in themselves and trust that God can make the impossible and lead their lives in this constant changing world. My studies are giving me the tools, and skills to assist and embrace more than ever the strategic plan of our PCS.

 As a Christian educator my calling goes beyond just teaching in one of the Presbyterian schools but serving my church as a Sunday school teacher and women’s group. At Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church, I am a part of the children’s ministry and as a church leader, it is my desire to spiritually nurture and instill in them spiritual truths and duty as what Proverb 22:6 say, “Train a child in a way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it.” Only through God’s teaching and spiritual guidance, they will become godly men and women who yearns for eternity.

Any assistance rendered to me either financially or through prayers is greatly appreciated. It will definitely motivate and gear up that passion I have for children to grow not only academically but more important spiritually. Also, it will be a great assistance to my family and personal life.

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