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My Name is Mr. Isaias Botes, principal at Presbyterian Day School! My Deep Hope for this school year is: “I want to be an Agent of Change/transformation for my teachers and students; that will bring Glory to God’s name!

My personal quote: “Everything I do, I must do it for the Glory of God”

We are thrilled to begin the new academic year 2021- 2022 because we are embarking in exciting new projects!  In the teaching for transformation program, teachers use storyline, through lines, and formative learning experiences as they deliver Christ centered lesson plans. In addition, teachers will create a Deep Hope for their students. This deep hope goes above and beyond academics to the heart of what Christian Education is all about. Teachers at CPS will invite students to explore their role in God’s Story and to nurture and empower each student to practice their life’s expression. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of a group of people who are living out their calling in order to prepare the next generation to live out their callings and be Kingdom-builders!

Deep Hope for teachers:

To be active stewards in God’s creation, grow in wisdom and develop God given gifts as they serve God and others in love.


My deep hope for myself and my students is to serve God in all things that we do.

It is my deep hope that:

"My teachers, students and I, faithfully serve in goodness and flourish as we grow as agents of change in the little things we do everyday."


As a chosen child of God serving Him as a steward in this noble profession with a special calling, I am looking forward to give the best education to our children. This is a holistic type of education where our students be grounded in God’s word. The joy of the Lord to fill every teacher’s heart as they transmit this joy and peace in the student’s hearts as they learn more and more of God and His love. It is my hope to see many of our students upfront leading their families with confidence as they serve their communities.

There is hope in God all the time. It is with confidence in Him that we can embark into our new journey for the new school year knowing that He will continue leading us as we nurture our students with His word, with the mutual mission to guide, prepare, and motivate students through Christ-Centered education to positively impact our communities and the world we serve.

We can see God’s grace upon us as we move forward during the current pandemic. It is with deep hope that we will continue giving all our best to our students. His abundant blessings are seen in us as He has been faithfully guarding us and providing for us. Our students are moving forward one day at a time seeing the accomplishment in our remaining students and outgoing students who are now attending High School. So blessed to see many past students serving their community and reflecting God’s love. This is indeed, a wonderful story. It is so wonderful to see our school mission accomplished. It is our hope to see them ready for the community as they are nurtured inside a celebrated and loving community that values a Christ-Centered learning and community in Belize. Equip for learning to embody a Christian life because of Biblical based values and excellence in engaging academic instructions and programs. Equip our students for loving God and serving others. It a reflection of Community Building, Beauty Creating, God Worshipping, and Servant Working.

"My deep hope for my school this year is that we might engage our students in Formational Learning Experiences that will invite, nurture and empower all our students to explore, desire and practice living as active participants of God's epic story."

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"My deep hope is to invite my children to discover God's story, celebrate His universe and empower His love"

“Our learning journey doesn’t end with a title, position or degree. Contrary to finishing our learning journey may just be really starting”. As a learning leader, for this coming academic school year is to deepen hope.

Hence my deep hope for myself and my school leaders is to grasp more and more our brokenness to embrace Christ’s abundant grace as responsive disciples engaged in worship through acts of service.


 From the “Director of Learning- Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize

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