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Presbyterian Schools Education Council

The Presbyterian Schools Education Council is constituted as a permanent standing committee of the Presbyterian Church Schools Belize (Education Commission).  The Council is a collaborative group comprised of valued school stakeholders to provide overall leadership, advice and direction to all schools under the care of Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize

Purpose: The purpose of the Council is to work cooperatively in identifying and resolving a wide range of issues across the Presbyterian Schools in Belize. This includes collaborating and participating with parents, the broader community, the church, school leaders, educators and government in the
planning, administration and operation of its schools.

Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize Administration

 The Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize is administered and led by a General Manager (Director of learning) appointed by the Presbyterian Church through its Education Commission. Over the years General Managers have been; Rev Moises Chan; Rev Rafael ku; Mr Ismael Vallejos; and presently since July 2012, Rev Alvaro Pott. The office of the General Manager, provides support and leadership to all the Presbyterian Schools. This office serves as the spokesperson and liaison with the government and other partners.  

Presently our Presbyterian Church School in Belize is a community of: Three unattached preschools; four primary schools and one secondary school with a teaching staff of 50 teachers serving a student population of 1090. Our schools’ doors are wide opened and serve students from different socio-economic background; different religious belief and different ethnic groups.

General Remarks from the General Manager:

   Welcome to Presbyterian Church Schools learning community. We are rooted in our reformed belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only transformational power available to us to impact our society. Hence, each of our schools combine our faith and learning through Christ -centered education to shape the whole student’s learning experience; excellence in academic and behavior.

  I invite you to visit each of our schools’ profile and learn more of each or our school community. Meet our visionary school leaders and their caring staff. Learn about the learning opportunities each offers.

 Register your child for the next school year!

 And if you are passionate about seeing the world transformed and want to see the lives of our children transformed to impact their homes, and society and want to be part of this global endeavor, you can contribute generously towards our schools’ ministry. At the moment, you can write a payable check or make a deposit to the account below. Thank you in advance!

Presbyterian Church Schools In Belize
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